Mar 26

Creamed Feet

Take a look at pics of the very busty teen named Brandy Taylor. I can’t get enough of this teen and her curvy body. I’ve seen her giving blowjobs, I’ve seen her huge tits getting fucked, but I’ve never seen her in any foot fetish scene. When I found out that she was going to do a scene from Creamed Feet, it was like a dream come true for me. She has long, luscious legs that look great in nylons and I’ve always noticed how sexy her feet look. I thought they’d look perfect wrapped around a hard dick.

Her boyfriend has a serious foot fetish and she wanted to satisfy it. When he came home from work yesterday, she was waiting for him in lingerie and white tights. It definitely got his attention! He couldn’t resist licking her pussy through the nylons. He pulled down her lingerie and fuck her breasts. But the real highlight was definitely when he tore off the feet of her nylons and had her give him a footjob. It was her first time giving a footjob, but it looks like she’s a quick learner.

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Mar 23

Creamed Feet

Take a look at pictures of Mira making her boyfriend’s wildest fantasy come true. The other day, she caught him looking at foot fetish porn online. Most girls may have been disgusted by it, but she was turned on by it. Yesterday, she went out and bought a pair of grey holdup stockings. When he came home from work, the only thing that she was wearing was the stockings. Instantly, he had a hard on and the fun was just getting started!

Soon, the two of them were sitting on the sofa in the living room. She was rubbing her nylon covered feet against his shorts, feeling his cock grow even harder. He started to give her an erotic foot massage and was even licking and sucking her delicious toes. Then his shorts came off and she started to rub her feet against his dick. It wasn’t long before she was giving him a full blown footjob. It was even better than in his fantasies and when he sperm he covered her sexy feet with huge loads of hot, sticky jizz.

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Mar 19

Creamed Feet

Check out the pics of this cute brunette coed named Brandi learning how to give a footjob. Don’t let her sweet and innocent appearance fool you, this babe is one very dirty slut. She has mastered handjobs, blowjob and titty fucks and will do anything to satisfy her lovers. When she learned that her current boy toy had a major foot fetish, she became determined to learn how to give a great foot fuck.

First she put on her boy’s favorite black and pink lingerie and matching black stockings to make sure he was rock hard. He started by sucking on her toes to get her used to being touched. He was soon teaching her how to give a proper footjob by wrapping her feet around his dick and slowly pushing himself between them. As soon as she found her own perfect rhythm he let go and sat back to enjoy the feeling of her soft soled feet rubbing against his dick. When he couldn’t take it anymore he covered her pretty feet in a huge load of his cum.

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Mar 16

Creamed Feet

Check out these hot photos from today’s Creamed Feet adventure featuring a smoking hot brunette named Francesca. This hottie looked so hot in her sexy corset lingerie, black sheer stockings and clear stacked fuck-me heels that I almost considered letting this one off the fetish hook for the night. You could tell just by looking at her that she would give great head and be an amazing fuck. But my dick was begging to feel those black pantyhose!

Francesca was a bit surprised when I asked her for a foot fuck. She’s never given one before but she’s and eager little slut and more than willing to please. The feel of her stocking feet rubbing on my dick was almost too much to bear. Plus she looked really hot laying there with her titties pulled out of that corset. But in the end, I needed to pull off the nylon and feel her bare feet stroking my penis for me to come all over them

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Mar 12

Creamed Feet

Take a look at pics from today’s Creamed Feet adventure. Cherokee is one wild hottie to begin with. She loves to make men sperm whether it’s with her talented mouth, her wet pussy or even her soft, delicate feet. She gave her first footjob not too long, but now she’s addicted to making men cum with her feet. When her lover comes house today, she’s waiting for him in just a pair of nude colored nylons. You just know it’s going to be an interesting evening.

She can’t stop herself from rubbing her feet against him, making his cock grow hard in shorts. It’s not long before the shorts are half off and she has full access to his dick. She puts it between her feet and starts to stroke it. It’s safe to say that she’s very talented with her feet. The nylons comes off and she starts to rub his dick with her bare feet. She won’t stop until he shoots his sperm all over her pretty feet.

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Mar 09

Creamed Feet

Check out these video clips of a very horny Dillian enjoying a rock hard cock with her feet. She’s one really wild and kinky nympho. I’ve seen chicks give footjobs before, but nothing compared to Dillian. She’s definitely talented! It all started the other night, when she came home from work. Her feet were tired and she wanted a foot massage. It started off innocent enough, however it wasn’t long before he was giving her a lot more than a massage.

He took off her shoes and gently rubbed and caressed her feet. He couldn’t resist smelling her beautiful feet. But the fun definitely didn’t stop there. She was soon rubbing her feet against his pants, feeling his dick grow hard. He took off his pants and her tender feet had full access to his dick. She gently worked his penis, stroking it up and down with her feet. She didn’t stop until he shot cum everywhere, all over her sexy feet.

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Mar 05

Creamed Feet

Check out these videos of a wild foot threesome from Creamed Feet. Crissy and Carly are two best friends that have shared men before, but nothing like this. Then the other night, they were hanging out with one of their guy friends. Things started to get hot and heavy and it looked like the three of them were going to jump into bed together. However, there was a twist. He didn’t want to fuck them. He wanted footjobs from them.

The women were shocked. They had heard of footjobs, but neither of them had ever given one. However, they were both eager to learn. Their clothes came off and soon there was a rock hard cock that was waiting for their attention. The girls sat on either side of him, rubbing their feet against his dick. That made him hard, but soon, he watch teaching them to give footjobs. He even showed them all about foot sex. When he finally came, he shot his load all over both of their feet.

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Mar 02

Creamed Feet

Check out these video clips of a horny nympho named Mia Bangg giving her first footjob. She’s done a lot of wild things in the bedroom. She’s given more than her fair share of blowjobs, fucked more than a few guys, but she’s never giving a footjob before. However, her new boyfriend has a serious footjob and won’t take no for answer when it comes to his foot fetish. Today, he has Mia rip down until she’s wearing nothing but her panties, stockings and heels.

He starts by smelling her feet. That alone makes his dick start to grow hard. Then he gives her a foot massage that turns her on. Soon, the heels and stockings come off. He takes off his pants and gives her his rock hard dick hard penis. She wraps her feet around it and it with some instruction, she’s soon giving him a footjob. She’s a quick learner and it’s not long before he’s ready to cum all over her cute feet.

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Feb 26

Creamed Feet

Take a look at wild pics of a horny vixen named Shy Love. She’s done a lot of wild things before, but she’s never even considered using her feet to make a guy sperm. She’s used to using her mouth, her pussy or even her breasts to make a many cum, but the idea of a footjob really intrigues her. Her current man has a serious foot fetish and he’s more than willing to teach her all about footjobs, foot sex and everything else along those lines! She’s an eager learner!

When he comes home from work tonight, she’s wearing just lingerie and nude colored stockings. It’s a dream come true for him and the night that he’s been waiting for. He massages her nylon covered feet, even sucking and licking her toes. She’s so turned on by it! Soon, her stockings come off and he puts her feet around his cock. He instructs her on how to give a footjob and soon she’s sliding her feet up and down his penis like a pro. She won’t stop now until she makes him sperm.

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Feb 23

Creamed Feet

Nautica Evans looked so cute and innocent, but this 18 year old had a very naughty side. While most girls her age didn’t go beyond having sex and giving a blowjob every once in a while, she had a foot fetish. She liked to make men cum with her feet. It all started when one of her lovers had a foot fetish and taught her how to satisfy it. Since then, she’s been addicted to giving footjobs and having foot sex. Check out these these video samples of Nautica in action.

The other day when her boyfriend came home, she was on the couch, her panties pulled to the side and she was fingering herself. She invited him to join in. But she didn’t want him to fuck her. Instead, she wanted to give him a footjob. She was rubbing her feet against his jeans, feeling his cock becoming hard. Soon his jeans came off and her delicate feet were wrapped around his hard penis. She slide her feet up and down his penis, rubbed her toes against him. She didn’t stop until he covered her feet with cum.

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Feb 05

Creamed Feet

Take a look at these sexy pics of a horny Latina named Cherokee. When her lover came home from soccer practice the other day, she was waiting for him…in just a pair of sheer nylons. She knows that he has a serious pantyhose fetish and that it would definitely get his attention. He sits down on the sofa next to her and she wastes no time rubbing her nylon covered feet against his shorts. It wakes up his cock. Soon, he’s massaging her feet, even smelling how delicious they are. His dick is rock hard now and ready for some fun!

He pulls down his shorts and she wraps her soft feet around his dick. She starts to give him a footjob that drives them both wild. She slides her feet up and down his curvy penis. She does it first with the pantyhose on, then she takes off the pantyhose and does it with her bare feet. Either way it feels stunning for him. He tries to hold back, but this is a fantasy cum true for him. It’s not long before he’s ready to explode. That’s when he deposits his load of hot cum all over her sexy feet.

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Feb 03

Creamed Feet

Creamed Feet continues to get better and better. Just take a look at these two smoking hot babes. Meet Crissy and Carly, two fine ladies who had a crush on this guy who looks like he belongs on a surf board in southern California. Of course, without thinking, he agrees to take on both of these women at once and soon finds out that they both enjoy feet just as much as he does.

Crissy and Carly both shove their feet in this guys face, making him gently lick their toes and massage their feet. The girls even do some foot licking of their own! Before you know it, these hotties are removing their clothes and helping him remove his pants so they can get to that hard, throbbing dick inside. The sloppy footjobs begin almost instantly and they take turns jerking his meat stick with their feet. I guess the footjobs weren’t enough but this guy bends both of these girls over on the sofa and goes to town pounding each of their pussies one at a time. Crissy and Carly look pretty flexible too as they show how far they can spread their legs while getting their fuck holes impaled. After banging out both of these lovely ladies, he pulls out and explodes, shooting his man goo all over the feet of one of these babes.

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Jan 29

Creamed Feet

Check out these pictures from Creamed Feet of a naughty blonde MILF named Carolyn giving a footjob. There’s nothing like a horny coed giving a footjob for the first time, but there’s definitely something very hot about an experienced MILF that knows exactly what she’s doing with her feet. She’s given more than a few footjobs and knows exactly how to satisfy a foot fetish. She just met this stud at a shoe store and now they’re back at her home, really getting to know each other.

They know exactly what each other wants. He gets turne don watching her paint her toe nails. When he sits down next to her, she can’t resist rubbing her soft feet against his crotch, feeling his hard cock in his shorts. Soon, his shorts come off and the footjob action starts. She slides her talented feet up and down his penis, only stopping when he wants to give her a foot massage or to lick the soles of her feet. It won’t be long before he’s ready to explode, shooting cum all over her sexy feet!

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Jan 26

Creamed Feet

Honey has a special surprise for her sugar daddy yesterday. This wild Asian slut accidentally discovered his foot fetish. She had seen him checking out her feet. She knew that he liked to give foot massages, but she had no idea just how much he was turned on by feet until she found a foot fetish porn magazine. She got turned on just looking at it and knew that she was going to have a lot of fun that night when he got home. Check out these pics of Honey satisfying his foot fetish.

That night when he came home, she was wearing a sexy black dress and a pair of very sexy red fishnet stockings. He started to get hard just looking at her. Then she told him what she had found and that she wanted to help him live out a foot fetish fantasy. Soon, she was telling him to lick her feet as he massaged them. He was rock hard now and soon her sexy feet were wrapped around his cock.

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